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Success Storys

Some Investments & Projects we were involved in
Go to HotelFriend AG

HotelFriend AG

With HotelFriend create completely new standard software for the guest communication for the accommodation and hospitality services industry

Go to Berger & Severyuk Media Group

Berger & Severyuk Media Group

Is a full service advertisement agency planning, implementing and controlling of campaigns commissioned by governments, including the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Georgia.

2009-2012 BSMG was the #1 Ethnic Marketing Agency in europe

Go to Universam Mir

Universam Mir

Nr. 1 eCommerce – Online Marketplace platform for russian goods accross Europe.


We help companies with digitalization and innovation strategies .
Website, Mobile, eCommerce, Software Projects

Our strengths are:

Be your Consultant - you need to unterstand the scope of your idea? We can turn it into a project and support you as your technology expert

Be your Accelerator - with a perfect network with skilled IT-Professionals, we can build you a Team to realize the project.

Be your Business Process Optimisator - we prove the business model and a seamless IT-process to ensure real income.

These Business & IT skills give us a deep understanding of your idea so we can support you on every level. DVL is an expirienced partner on your side.

  • Over 15 years of experience with Marketing campaigns (Internet, TV, Radio, Print) worldwide

  • Over 20 years of experience in Software industry (Programming & Outsourcing)

  • Successful Exits as a forward looking pioneer in innovation

  • Passionate and inspiring hands-on leaders with excellent communication and intercultural skills